YouTube Videos

Making Videos for YouTube

So you’re a YouTuber, or at least you want to be. Good for you!  It’s a great hobby, and you will undoubtedly have a lot of fun doing it.  You’re going to learn a lot too and meet some amazing people.

You are going to need to teach yourself an awful lot of new skills if you want to be successful.

When most people start they own all their own equipment, they do all the filming themselves, and they edit their own videos.

To be completely honest that is exactly why most YouTube channels ultimately fail. Because it’s a hobby. And it’s bloody hard work.

Professional YouTube Channels

When you look at the most successful channels, the ones where people are making serious money. The channels where it isn’t a hobby, but a job, and a well paid one at that. In those channels the star doesn’t do the work of production and editing. They help plan the videos, they feature in them, and they promote the channel across every social media platform you can think of.

And that is the ultimate key to success.

Do the things you can do, and sub out the things you can’t.

We don’t know what you know.  So we can’t come up with the ideas you have for videos.

We don’t have your charisma, your style, and your ability to engage an audience. So we can’t star in your videos.

We don’t have your connection to a social network who share your interests and passions. So we can’t market your videos as well as you can.

Filming for YouTube Videos

What we do have is a disturbingly big pile of gear, and a lot of knowledge of how to capture good footage, and edit it into engaging videos.

We can film it for you. And we can film it to an extremely high standard. 

4k?  No trouble. 

Crystal clear audio? Why settle for anything less?

Face tracking drone footage? On it!

Buttery smooth slow motion? Absolutely.

Professional standard gimbal shots? Not a problem!

Editing for YouTube Videos

editing videos for YouTube

And we can edit it for you. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced editors, access to a vast library of b-roll and royalty free music, and we genuinely love taking raw footage and turning it into amazing videos.

We’ll help you develop a style all of your own. We’ll work with you to create those catchphrases, nicknames, and memes all good YouTube Channels have.

Our design team can even help create your video thumbnails and optimise the tags and descriptions of your videos to ensure they get the biggest chance for mass appeal they possibly can.

So whether you want someone to help you create the processes you are going to need for a successful channel, someone to come and film the videos themselves to a higher standard than you could, or simply to take the footage you create and edit it into awesome videos we should probably talk.

Just remember, the reason those channels you love look so professional, is because they are.

Professionally planned, professionally produced, professionally filmed, and professionally edited.

Get in touch and we can have a chat about whether we could help you take your channel to the next level.