“We’ve only got good things to say about Martin and his team at Client Magnet. Unlike other SEO agencies we’ve worked with, there are no wild promises of easy wins, no “page 1 of Google in six months”, just solid work with a creative flair. The content they have created for our website over the past year is now bearing fruit in terms of a steady climb up the Google rankings for our keywords and an upturn in enquiries. That’s what we asked for, that’s what they delivered.” – Steve Smith MD, Star UK

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO is a broad term that refers to the process of improving your site so that it is more visible to people searching for specific, relevant terms.

The Goal for any seach engine is to deliver the most accurate and relevant results to the person who is searching.

At Client Magnet we believe the best way to improve your site’s position in search engine results, is to improve the quality of the information your site provides, and its ability to deliver that information.

As part of our SEO service we provide two specific things.

Technical SEO

Google, and other search engines do not only care about the information on your site. They also care about the experience of the user, and their ability to access that information.

This includes things like:

How quickly your site loads.

How well laid out your written content is.

Is the imagery appropriate to the subject of the page.

How accessible it is to people who are not using a traditional browser.

The type of device that someone uses to access the content also plays a big part in your ranking. Are they using a phone, a tablet, or a desktop PC?

And more importantly what does the search engine assume they will be using.

Our Technical SEO service looks at things like how efficiently your server can deliver the content on your site. How logical the code that your site is written in is laid out. Also whether you have any systems in place to cache content both on the server and for the end user.

Content Driven SEO

Once the techincal aspects of your site are optimised as much as possible we then look at the content.

We start by performing an in depth audit of the content on your site.

We need to know exactly what it is your site is trying to say. But also what search engines think it is that you are trying to say. The are often not the same thing.

Then we look at the individual pages in your site.

Do you have duplicate keyword focuses across the site? If so there is a risk that any authority your site may have is diluted across more than one search result. This is known as canibalisation.

We look at your internal link structure. The more links a page has pointing to it from other pages on your site, the more importance Google and other search engines think you place on that page.

In practice what this means is that the pages you care about need more links going to them than the pages you don’t.

Once we have a detailed picture of the baseline, we can then look to start making improvements in your ranking.

Moving Forward with SEO

We look at what terms you currently rank for, and where your existing authority lies. Then we look to see which areas may be able to gain ranking through the use of well written, keyword focussed, engaging content.

We target specific keywords and phrases. The goal is to Gain ranking in those that are easier in order to improve the site’s overall authority. As that authority increases, newer, more competitive keywords come within reach and begin to be winnable.

Over time this approach creates a site that ranks highly for a large variety of highly competitive keywords. In doing so it will outrank even the most long established competitors.

As we work through this process we will track the performance of individual pages through Google Analytics, and Search Console in order to make sure that if a specific piece of content starts to lose authority we can go back and re-work it to bring it back up to date.

This process takes a long time. But it is by far the most effective way to bring in increased leads and revenue in the long term.

What we don’t do

Many SEO agencies and freelancers carry out a range of tactics designed to trick search engines into thinking a site carries more authority than the content on it would otherwise deserve.

These techniques are known as “Black Hat” SEO.

We believe these techniques are not only unethical, but also are doomed to failure in the long term. Whenever a search engine updates the algorithms it uses to rank content, it is attempting to discover and remove these black hat techniques.

Whenever Google rolls out a major core update, sites that have been relying on these techniques drop significantly down the rankings. Sometimes so much that companies go into bankruptcy.

These techniques involve things like creating fake backlinks to your site, by either directly buying links, or paying to have an article placed on a site that then links back to you.

At Client Magnet we will never do that. We believe that Google and other search engines are perfectly able to identify non-organic backlink profiles. That websites relying on them are ultimately doomed to fail.

We also believe that the best way to generate links to your site is to write content that is so informative, engaging, and helpful, that people want to link to it.

So What Next?

We’d love to have a conversation about how we can help you generate more leads and revenue.

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