About us

Who are Client Magnet?

Client Magnet is one of a new breed of digital agencies. We have a small team of dedicated specialists who are all digital natives with a wealth of experience in their fields.

We deliver effective, no-nonsense video marketing for people and companies who strive to make the world a better place.

We are:


Marketing has a terrible reputation for bending the truth to fit a narrative.  We’ll never do that. Whether it is admitting we are not the best people for a particular job, or having an uncomfortable conversation because we think something needs to change we won’t hesitate.  We’ll always be honest and up front with you.


Learning not only makes us better at our jobs, but it makes us better people.  We strongly support everyone to constantly be learning. Ever wondered how to weld?  Can you juggle? Have you ever heard of indirect heat barbecuing? If any or all of these kindled a small spark for you then you might well be one of us.


We spend half our waking life at work, and so we go out of our way to make sure Client Magnet is a fun place to work.  Whether it’s taking a break to fire up the N64, or simply having yet another debate about which is the best coffee for the office we know we do our best work when we’re happy.  So we make that a priority.


Client Magnet is all about making the world a better place.  That is the philosophy that underpins everything we do, and unsurprisingly everyone on the team really cares. We encourage everyone one to take some time to work on projects they personally care about, even if it doesn’t make us a penny.


We are good at what we do.  There is a big difference between arrogance and confidence, we work really hard to stay on the right side of the line. Lots of people are naturally good at something without really understanding how they do what they do.  That isn’t us. We always strive to understand exactly why we get the results we do. That way we can replicate them, and hopefully improve as well.

Work with us

We don’t have any current vacancies, but if you’d like us to keep your details on file for the future, or if you are a freelancer who shares our ethics then we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line here and maybe we can meet up and have a coffee and a chat. We have a variety of projects on the go at any time and often have one off work we can get you involved with.

We’re particularly interested in making friends with developers, and cloud solution architects. We don’t care where you are based and where you want to work. We just care that you are good at what you do, and want to make the world a better place.